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With our superb made-to-measure bifold doors you can completely transform your home, adding a light, spacious feel to any room. And once you’ve created the look you want, why not add the perfect finishing touch – our bespoke blinds, tailor-made to match your doors.


Our electric roller blinds offer the ultimate in opulence. Fully bespoke and manafactured to fit any door or window, they’re remotely operate by wireless hand-held control or wall-mounted touch screen. With indoor sensors they can even be programmed to open and close at dusk or dusk for reduced energy bills and added security. 

Bifold Direct - Electric Roller Blinds

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Bifold Direct - Inbetween Glass Blinds


We also offer a unique manual integral blind system operating with a cordless sliding magnet.


This system is ideal for residential installations – bifold doors, conservatories and other areas where getting power to blind units isn’t practical or desirable. It is a clean, reliable and maintenance free shading product that does not collect dust or germs; it is user friendly and cannot be damaged due to inappropriate use.


Our innovative drainage systems are flexible, affordable and architecturally stunning. Our materials of choice are anodized alloy and recycled PVC plastic for their strength, low maintainence and long life cycle. 


Our threshold drains remove surface water from doorways and are aesthetically pleasing while remaining highly functional.Threshold drains can be used to provide a level entrance to all thresholds. They create a perfect and seamless integration between the outside and inside of any house or commercial building. The use of a threshold drain is usually a fail proof measure, installed to prevent any accidental flooding of the external paved area spreading into the property. Proper threshold drainage protects properties from excess water, preventing rising damp and rotting floorboards. They are an essential product in today’s modern world. 

Bifold Direct - Aquabocci Drainage
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