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Our window handle is extremely important, blending reliable functionality with tasteful aesthetics and real-world ergonomics.

In use, they must always communicate safety and robustness.


That's why our handles are given the same attention to detail as every other component. Our window handles are also able to be colour coded to match the frame -  a feature unique in the industry.


Whether in premium stainless steel or one of our industry-unique colour-coordinated options, home owners can be sure of a contemporary handle offering the same faultless service as the windows themselves.



Bifold Direct - aluminium window handles

additional information

Bifold Direct - aluminium window standard and fixed sash

Standard and Fixed Sash

Bifold Direct - aluminium window bay windows

Bay Windows

Bifold Direct - gable end

Gable End

Industry leading

20 Year Guarantee

Metallic or colour

coordinated handles

Finger safe hinges

Ultra slim lightweight

durable aluminium frames

Thermally efficient

Stylish flush casement

Durable powder coating

High security

locking mechanism

Advanced weather tight



Our windows are not only attractively designed, but they're also incredibly secure. Manufactured and assembled in our state-of-the-art facility in the UK, our windows make use of industry renowned Yale Encloser Lock, which features innovative bi-directional locking technology for a truly secure window system.


High security stainless steel hinges offer unrivalled compression through a unique patented hinge geometry. The hinge guards ensure complete protection from intruders. Our window blends sophisticated style and elegance with the very latest in high performance and high security locking mechanisms. They comfortably outperform the demanding, police-preferred 'Secured by Design' standards.


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