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If you want to keep at the cutting edge of what is possible in the world of sliding doors, then look no further than the aïr 500LS and 600LS.


aïr Lift & Slide doors feature aïrglide technology, ensuring smooth operation for years to come. Strong stainless steel rollers mean that huge panes of glass that weigh up to 300kg can be easily moved with just 2 fingers. No tugging, heaving or pushing. Moving the doors is not a workout. They slide and glide effortlessly


A 'floating corner' option opens up a space like never before. No more obtrusive, ugly posts - just seamless and captivating views. Investing in a set of high-end doors is probably a once in a lifetime decision. aïr is the most impressive range of high performance doors. We are so confident of this, we have an industry leading 25 year manufacturer guarantee on all aïr doors.

Air sliding doors
Bifold Direct - Floating corner option



A 'floating corner' option opens up a space like never before. No more obtrusive, ugly posts - just seamless and captivating views.




U Value

from 1.38 Wm2K


up to 1200 pa


up to 600 pa

Burglar proof

pas 24

Panel sizes to

2200 x 2700



Complete the look with a designer Purity handle. Exclusive to aïr doors, these handles come in a refined range of colour options which will add a real sense of style to any home.



Available Styles


●  Monorail, 2, 3, 4 or 6 pane configurations

●  Lift and slide door operation

●  Triple track system which allows multiple sliders to open in the same direction (only available on 3 and 6 pane configurations)




●  Can be painted in any RAL colour

●  Dual colour available


Door handle finishes


●  A choice of colours and finishes in Standard, Classic, Luxury or Stainless Steel

Bifold Direct - Air sliding doors
Bifold Direct - Air sliding doors


Our frames and fittings are colour coated with an ultra durable polyester powder manufactured by Interpon, the world leader in architectural powder coatings. Alternatively we have the standard or stainless steel finish as seen (right).


The RAL colour system is used for information definining standard colours for paint and coatings and is the most popular Central European Colour Standard used today.




An vast variety of colours and finishes can be applied to aluminium sliding doors, including metallics and textured finishes, making it the perfect material for matching existing frames, and more importantly powder coated aluminum will not corrode, discolour, rot or warp.


The level of protection or determination of paint can be related to the value of thickness of the paint that is applied to a door. This value is referred to a microns. The higher the micron value is one indication of the life that the paint will give you.

The elements naturally play a huge role in testing the integrity of your doors.

Thats why wind load and watertightness are essential values to be aware of.

Wind load is the amount of force a structure can take from the impact of the wind. Watertightness is the measure of how much water can penetrate an object.

Both are measured in pascals (pa). The higher the pa value the better.

Bifold Direct - Air door handle options

aïr Bifold Doors


If a bifolding door is more to your taste, then let us introduce you to the aïr 800, the Rolls Royce of folding doors. 


With the ability to command extreme views, with panels as large as 3m tall and to withstand wind loads of 100 mph, aïr 800 creates extreme possibilities for any design, build or transformation of a home.


Super slim slightlines from only 108mm means you get less frame and more view. These are some of the slimmest doors available. With the arrangement for doors to be configured to either open in or out, the aïr 800 is an incredible piece of refined engineering. The design is coupled with additional features that any home requires. The bi-folding doors are certified and accredited by UKAS with the latest requirements for enhanced security performance, PAS 24.


There are over 200 door configurations and with a choice of thousands of colours, the design possibilities are boundless.  An optional aïrcoat textured paint finish creates a hardy scratch and dirt resistant surface. 

Bifold Direct - Air sliding doors
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